Somebody out there for everyone

I recently had my heart broken, I wanted to travel the world with this guy, we were together for 3 years. Even though it may be valentines day (and yes, it does kind of suck when you’ve recently come out of a relationship and are single), I can’t help but think, despite the fact that I thought he was perfect for me and that I thought he was my soul mate, that there is somebody out there that is better suited to me, and someone who ISĀ perfect for me. I mean yes, the 3 years we were together were amazing, i’ll never forget them and yes, he did break my heart (and so did a friend I thought a lot of) but he has helped me learn a hell of a lot and has helped make the person I am today; a stronger, kinder, more understanding person and my horizons have been broadened and I now have more passion to learn and visit different places. So if you’re alone today, don’t fret. I believe there is somebody out there for everyone…. and if you’ve found that person, no matter what you go through, if you love them hold on to them tight!