On the path to recovery and self-discovery

I’ve been through my own issues, like everyone else on this planet. However, I’ve decided to try and deal with my personal problems through various paths. I’ve learnt a lot about myself within the past four years, going through different situations and life events. Of course I’m still learning, but then you never do stop.

I’ve had to deal with depression the past three and a half years, I wasn’t technically diagnosed (and didn’t realise) till a year and a half in. I quit university, Split up with my boyfriend, things just felt like they were getting worse.  My parents had told me before to go and speak to someone and that maybe counselling would be a good place to start. Of course I thought this was rubbish and I didn’t need it.

The first step to any mental health illness is acceptance. Accepting the fact that you are ill! Depression can be triggered off by distressing past life events or can just occur but it is an illness and at the end of the day is a chemical imbalance in the brain. I think my depression was triggered off by past life events and realisation of how those past life events had affected me. I hate the fact that depression and mental illness has this stigma attached to it, a stereotype.

The next phase is getting help.
I went down the path of first going to speak to my GP, I didn’t like the option of trying a mild dose of anti depressants but I thought If it worked then what’s the harm! Though I knew they wouldn’t solve my issues, so I seeked help through the path of counselling. I was issued 6 sessions on the NHS, but for my other sessions I went through the lady privately. Speaking to an outsider is helpful because they have no reason to judge you and can pick out things for you to think about if you haven’t already considered it as a reason as to why you’re there. I still go and see my counsellor every now and then, for a check-up if you wish to think of it like that. Certain options help certain people depending on the way your mind works I guess and counselling definitely works for me.

Sometimes the simple and free things in life really are the best.
Just having someone there to sit down, have a cup of tea with and talk to or to go for a walk or bike ride to clear your head, whilst getting exercise (which helps keep a healthy mind too!).I think it’s important that we share our experiences. Talking to friends, colleagues and family members is what made me realise that mental health problems are much more common than we think.  I am purely writing about my experience to help give hope to others out there.

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This is a subject I feel incredibly passionate about. I feel inspired by the fact that there is more to discover about myself.

I recently split up with my boyfriend for the second time (and for good!). It was a hard time but I’ve felt better in myself, I’ve regained my independence and new found love for an industry I never thought I’d feel passionate about again. Yes I still suffer, I have my bad days and my good days, but life HAS to go on.