P.s Happy Valentines

Wow, it’s nearly been a year since my last blog post, (Sorry!) Where do I even start?
A quick update maybe?

I am in a fresh new relationship, which happened just before Christmas so I am still loved up and in the honeymoon period. Unfortunately he has to work, so our Valentines shall be moved to Monday, when we both have the day off.

That bit I mentioned about doing a make up course (See A New Chapter)…Well I did it! I’m now looking for work in the industry.

I’ve redecorated. This helped me in the recovery process after the events of last year. My room used to be very dark and I get very little light, so I thought I’d brighten up the place. I now see my room as a place of peacefulness, calm and tranquillity as well as a creative place for me to hang out.


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P.S Happy Valentines Day :) X


Somebody out there for everyone

I recently had my heart broken, I wanted to travel the world with this guy, we were together for 3 years. Even though it may be valentines day (and yes, it does kind of suck when you’ve recently come out of a relationship and are single), I can’t help but think, despite the fact that I thought he was perfect for me and that I thought he was my soul mate, that there is somebody out there that is better suited to me, and someone who IS perfect for me. I mean yes, the 3 years we were together were amazing, i’ll never forget them and yes, he did break my heart (and so did a friend I thought a lot of) but he has helped me learn a hell of a lot and has helped make the person I am today; a stronger, kinder, more understanding person and my horizons have been broadened and I now have more passion to learn and visit different places. So if you’re alone today, don’t fret. I believe there is somebody out there for everyone…. and if you’ve found that person, no matter what you go through, if you love them hold on to them tight!