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A new chapter

So after a positive start to the year, I’ve decided there is a lot I want to accomplish in the next 12 months (Writing more blog posts for one…my apologies for that, however my head has been in a whirlwind the past 4 months). The first and most important thing I’d like to accomplish this year is happiness with who I am as a person, and to be happy doing things independently, whilst learning more about myself.
This article pretty much sums it up!

The second thing is to sort out my career. From a young age I’ve been a creative individual and have always wanted to be involved in the fashion industry. Sewing, pattern cutting and writing are all skills I definitely hold, though it’s an extremely competitive thing to be getting into (especially when I do not hold a degree), and working for free just isn’t an option in my current situation, hence another accomplishment i’d like to achieve, to have some savings! I plan on taking some kind of short make up course in London, whilst still applying for internships in garment construction, sewing, social media and styling.

To think outside the box and approach things in a different way,

to enjoy the simple things in life,

and last of all to explore more of this beautiful world, and meet new groups of people and walks of life.

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All packed and ready to go: Reading and Leeds.

I’m all packed and ready for day 1 of Reading festival tomorrow. I am so excited to be going again. The two bands I’m most looking forward to watching live are Green Day and Haim.
In between bands I’ll probably be chilling out at the camp site. I’ll also be taking Reading festival style photos, so look out for me.

Check out for live footage, and keep updated with news from Reading on my Twitter and Instagram.

Here is my Reading playlist again.

Don’t forget to check out my other page on what to pack Pre-Reading.
See you in a week or so…


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What to pack for Reading and Leeds festival.

So Reading and Leeds is only a week away for the early birds.
Here are the key pieces I am taking and a few tips to help you out.

The most important part: A decent rucksack! I’m taking one for my clothing and toiletries and me and my boyfriend are sharing one for food and alcohol.

The rucksack is from Free People, they have a good selection.

Pack for all weathers

Wellies and a coat/waterproof are essential! Lets face it, you know what the weather in the UK is like. A scarf is good to wrap up warm in the evenings (you can also wear this one as a skirt or dress, it’s very versatile) and a dress is a very good space saver. Don’t forget to take a pair of trousers as well as shorts, you can never guarantee it’ll be hot, even if the sun is out. This top from Free People is also very versatile and I feel like magic in it! Ankle boots are good for hot weather, and protect your feet at the same time. To add that extra something i’m going to be stacking up my fingers full of rings.

The Wax jacket is vintage from a stall at Leeds festival last year. The circle scarf is from American Apparel, the dress is from Urban Outfitters by Sparkle and Fade, and my wellies are Hunters (The best kind of wellies).

The top is from Free People, boots, jeans and necklace are from Topshop.

The shorts are from Rokit vintage store in London., and the skirt is from Free People.

The small turquoise ring is from a small shop in Canterbury called Siesta, and the three midi rings are from Etsy Holylands Treasures create beautiful jewellery all from Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

My double turquoise stone ring is from Free People.

Cosmetic essentials
Do not forget your suncream, I’ve been burnt many a time and have finally learnt from experience. A good eyelash curler and clear mascara can be used for a natural day time look, and clear mascara can also be used on your brows. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour protectant and The Green Balm by Moa are my favourite multi purpose products and can be used on anything from lips, to brows, and also medically for burns and bites.  A good concealer applied with a brush and sunglasses to hide those dark circles from the late nights partying. Surf spray to add texture to your hair when you want to spruce it up half way through the week. Clarins Flash Beauty Balm to brighten up your skin, and last but not least dry shampoo and a brush! It’s all about packing light, so multi purpose products are key.

For more tips read my blog post: Top Tips For UK Festivals 

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A city called…Amsterdam

In March this year I visited the lively city of Amsterdam. There is lots to do and lots to explore! It’s a very pretty city with a lot of culture. Amsterdam is a relatively cheap stay in a hostel, flights are reasonably cheap too.

Of course if you go and visit as a couple, Amsterdam is a fun, romantic city. However for my first visit I travelled with my boyfriend and our two friends, as I wanted to experience the party atmosphere. Despite not going to a club or bar, (Though I’ve heard that Paradiso and Melkwegg are quite good) we visited a lot of coffee shops, which let’s just say, was a lot of fun and giggles! Four days was not long enough, however we ticked off most of the things that we wanted to see and do. I shall definitely be visiting again, as there are still things I want to do and investigate in the city.

What to do:

Get lost exploring the city and its many canals.

Go and visit the Anne Frank Museum. Ok so it’s not the most cheerful of things, however it’s very interesting and goes into detail about the horrific experience Anne and her family went through. A MUST SEE!

Bike ride through the city and into the outskirts. Don’t forget to cycle out to the windmills, and tulip farms. It was a bitter – 6°C when I visited, so unfortunately this didn’t happen.

Go and visit The Bulldog Palace Coffee shop, it is quirky in the fact that it used to be a police station and still has its jail cell.

Cycle to the Vondelpark and go for a picnic.

For an “out of this world experience”, visit a smart shop.

If you have never been to any Hard Rock Cafe go whilst in Amsterdam! The gourmet burgers are amazing, and don’t forget to try some of Amsterdams’ famous chips and mayonnaise.

Go and visit The Dolphins, an alternative coffee shop with comfy sofas and a colourful under the sea setting.

Visit the Rijks Museum. Full of Dutch history and beautiful paintings by artists such as Rembrandt. Also visit the Van Gogh Museum (Another place we didn’t get chance to visit).

Have a picture take by the I amsterdam sign.

Take a peek at the Red Light District. Go and visit the notorious destination at night and see it in full swing.

For more information on the city see, and make sure you check out hostels, restaurants and coffee shops on Trip Advisor before you go.

Amsterdam is a ‘mind opening’ experience full of lots of fun.

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Camping under the stars

So this past weekend I ventured out to the countryside with 6 of my friends, an hour and a half away from home to a village called Ockley in Surrey.
We stayed at a little campsite called Etherley Farm, which is situated near Leith hill. We arrived on the Friday night after work, set up camp, went out to buy some drinks and food, and had ourselves a little party.
On the Saturday  (after waking up early and many of us suffering from the few drinks on the night before) we cooked breakfast on the camp fire (Chicken, Turkey, All day breakfast in a can, that kind of thing, anything we could bbq). We then set off walking up towards Leith hill and into the woods.

I love camping. My favourite thing to do is roast marshmallows on the campfire, they are a very tasty treat! Camping in the countryside makes me appreciate nature and our surroundings. As you can imagine the scenery is very beautiful around there, and I love to stargaze but unfortunately the ground was too wet to lie down.  It is also nice to be without technology for a few days. I find it very reflective and relaxing.

For dinner that night we walked down the road to a little country pub called The Parrot. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than chilling out with your friends with a Pimms in hand! There isn’t much choice for food, the food they do serve is expensive, but worth it.

image 4

On the Sunday we were due to leave around 1 a clock, unfortunately due to the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey classic, this didn’t happen as the roads were closed from 6 am to 6pm.
We walked down from the campsite and went to a small pub called The Inn On The Green, had some lunch and then chilled out watching the bikes go by.

image 3

It was a lovely, relaxing, tranquil weekend.

Where is your favourite place to camp?

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A place called…Whitstable

Whitstable is a beautiful seaside town in south-east Kent. In the week it is  very quiet and quaint. However yesterday unbeknownst me and my friends it was the Whitstable Oyster Festival and a lovely day (even though we were forecast thunder and lightning all day). 

Whitstable Oyster Festival.
The festival is set on the harbour; food, and drink stalls line the streets and a small stage is situated in the middle.
There is a variety of food from beef, kangaroo and ostrich burgers to curry, seafood paella, locally caught fish and locally produced cider. There are also a few fine art and craft stalls, that are in Whitstables’ Harbour Village and are open every weekend and bank holiday.




Places to eat.

There are some lovely pubs, cafes and restaurants in the town. Situated right on the beach is a pub called The Old Neptune, it’s a perfect location for a day out. Naturally, me and my friend tried Oysters (which I will not be trying again, they are certainly an acquired taste) at Wheelers Oyster Bar, the oldest restaurant in town, and a very pretty building.  In town, What’s Up Cup Cake make cakes to die for!


There are a few vintage and handmade boutiques in the town. One of my favourites is Mosaic. They sell lots of beautiful jewellery, handmade by the shop owner and also by artists around the world.
They also sell a small amount of clothing, home accessories and ornaments. I love to find small boutiques that sell handmade/ one-off pieces, it’s nice to own something different to everyone else.


The Seaside.

Just a little bit further out-of-town is Tankerton. My grandparents used to take me here for a walk and an ice cream when I was little, it’s one of my favourite beaches to go for a walk and is very picturesque. There are beach houses down by the sea which are very pretty.


Lastly here is something I saw on the side of a building that I thought was interesting. There are signs like this hidden all through the town.


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My day in London

I took a trip up to Central London on Friday.
First I visited Harvey Nichols, whilst looking through some luxurious clothing, I found a french RTW brand called Maje. Some of their clothes are beautiful, very feminine, and classy and are made out of such light soft fabrics. They remind me of the brand Chloe (but are slightly less expensive) and the brand Acne.
Maje was founded in 1998 and is relatively new compared to other luxury brands.

Maje in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge.

Maje in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge.


Me and my friend went for lunch in Lincoln’s Inn fields. It was a lovely day and was full of people having picnics.

My friend Becky.

My friend Becky.

Lincoln Fields Inn

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Free People at Selfridges

I went to Selfridges to visit the Free People pop up shop. I absolutely love Free People, but I have to admit the selection of garments there wasn’t the best, and they had hardly any spare sizes in back stock. Maybe it was just the wrong time to go, and besides they’re only there till the 28th July. I really hope the pop up shop has been successful and they decide to open up a few UK stores, where they will have more selection (fingers crossed!)

Here are a couple of stylish girls I stopped today on my walk down oxford street, and Carnaby street.

Luca wears a top and sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, a skirt she bought in a charity shop, boots from Topshop, and her bag and jewellery are from Morocco markets.

Luca wears a top and sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, a skirt she bought in a charity shop, boots from Topshop, and her bag and jewellery are from Morocco markets. It’s nice that her outfit is from a range of brands/stores. I really love her skirt that she bought from a charity shop, the colours in the skirt really stand out against the top.

Ruby wears a top and jeans from Diesel and boots from Office.

Ruby wears a top and jeans from Diesel and boots from Office. Even though the colours of all her clothes are dark, because she is wearing different textures they go together well. The print and the studs on the boots really make the look.

London is a lovely city, with so much to do. I always enjoy myself when I’m there, my favorite thing to do is to sit in a cafe and people watch. You get such a variety of people with different styles.
Regardless of your budget there is plenty to do.


A small city called Canterbury.

I love spending the weekends in Canterbury.

Canterbury is a beautiful city in Kent. I’ve spent most of my free time here for the past 3 years, since I met my boyfriend, as he goes to the University of Kent.
Here are a few things to do in this wonderful city.

1. Go to Bramleys and then Ballroom after.
You walk into Bramleys at 7 o’clock on a Friday night, it’s like you’ve gone back to the 20’s, beautiful vintage couches and tables, a ceiling covered with what looks like a massive parachute, singer sewing machines to decorate and even a grand piano and an organ. Gorgeous cocktails, especially Bramble and Raspberry Mojitos which are a concoction of alcohol, and plants. 

Raspberry Mojitos!

Raspberry Mojitos!



Right next door is Ballroom, more quirky, upbeat and cool. Avant guard tables, stools, and arm chairs, a wall covered in mirrors, a statement skull wall paper wall, a bath, and what looks like a church pulpit where the Dj plays. Again be sure to check out their cocktails, especially the Hendricks Prohibition Punch which comes in a teapot with 4 tea cups.  

Hendricks Prohibition Punch!

Hendricks Prohibition Punch!

2. Go for a walk by the Westgate towers, down by the river.
It’s very beautiful down there and is a perfect place for a picnic in the sun.

3.Walk around the cathedral and it’s grounds. A historic and beautiful building with lovely grounds.

Canterbury Cathedral. Photo taken by Lauren Findler

Canterbury Cathedral.
Photo taken by Lauren Findler

4. Go to the seaside and visit Whitstable, six miles down the road.
Whitstable is the most beautiful seaside town in Kent. Go and have afternoon tea, look around the small quirky boutiques, sit and eat welks by the fish market, or go for a walk along the sea front with fish and chips.

5. A good place to eat is The Picturehouse, an old cinema who serve gourmet food, and also english afternoon tea with champers. It turns into a bar at the weekend of an evening.

The Parrot is also a lovely place to eat, with generous portions. It’s a beautiful old building, and has a lovely beer garden. It used to be the home of a parrot, but is no longer there anymore.