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PFW Chloe

One of the only shows i’ve paid attention to the past few weeks (I have yet to catch up with all the others).
I’ve always loved Chloe. Every season they never cease to amaze me with a feminine, yet cutting edge collection, and nice colour palettes, sometimes quite similar to previous collections, but that is what I love. The Chloe girl is always there somewhere underneath every garment!
Chloe were big in the late 1960s, 1970s when Karl Lagerfeld joined the house and rapidly imposed himself, becoming the exclusive designer in 1974.  This is what I have also loved about previous collections, the way they have used the 1970s as an inspirational point, as this is one of my favourite eras.

Here are my favourite looks from todays show.

Claire Waight Keller
Source of all images:

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My favourite trends this fall.

I love fashion when it comes to fall. There are always so many textures, and embellishments as well as dark, rich colours. It is also an excuse to put on layer after layer.
My first fall I fell in love with was in 2008. When sheer, lace, leather, heritage, and dark coloured fabrics first surfaced to my attention. As you can see from the title picture which has come from a collage of trends that I produced in 2008. 

These are my three favourite trends that I’ll be shopping this fall:


Source: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Source: Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone

Source: Gucci



Source: www.

Source: www.

Source: Anthony Vaccarello

Anthony Vaccarello

Source: Tom Ford

Tom Ford


Source: Dolce and Gabanna

Dolce and Gabanna

Source: Givenchy


Dolce and Gabanna

Source: Givenchy


Source: Dolce and Gabanna

Dolce and Gabanna

P.s The dark red lip is also my favourite lip colour or pink lips, which are very fall 2013.

lips2 missoni 2013 lip

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Discovering Kirsten Goss

Whilst walking around London last week, I discovered a jewellery brand: Kirsten Goss.

Kirsten is a qualified jewellery designer and gemmologist. She launched in 2002 and is largely known more in South Africa, where her studio and workshop is, along with her other 2 stores. She has one store in Kensington, London.
Kirsten creates very unique pieces that are beautifully hand crafted in her Durban studio. Some of my favourites are the geometric pieces in her Urban Edge collection and the beautiful silver and gold necklaces and earrings containing semi-precious stones in the Bete Noir collection. The Lifesaver is a brilliant idea for anyone looking to create their own one off piece. You pick the chain, the hand-cut pendant and the semi-precious stone.

“Kirsten is inexhaustible in her passion for experimenting with metalsmithing techniques, stone cutting and inspirational combinations of the two.”

urban edge




Source for All Photographs:

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Style Saturday

I’m feeling fully refreshed now :) and back ready for blogging. I thought as it’s a Saturday I’d show you some of my newer purchases (mainly from Free People again).

We the free lunch date top by Free People in pacific blue £68.00

The Chelsea ankle boots are from Topshop £62. These are a style staple, and I also felt inspired by Haim as all three of them wear Chelsea boots and pull it off so well!
My next purchases  I have my eyes on are:

The We Are The Free 3/4 Circle In The Sand Tee  in Ivory Black £78

The We Are The Free Circle In The Sand Tee £68 I have this is black already, but i’d like another black one (as I wear it so much!) and maybe one in Merlot too.

Threadbare stacking ring £38

Ruched seamless shorts £28 in black, To go underneath my dot mesh maxi skirt

Fantasy Fringe Tee £68 in black

Speaking of Haim earlier, they are touring after the release of their debut album Days are gone. They play the UK in December and I’m going to see them in London. After their amazing performance at Reading I thought I just had to go and see them again!

Days are gone comes out September 30th, go and buy it!

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Holylands Treasures: My new favourite jewellery brand.

I discovered this small brand whilst searching across Etsy.

Holylands Treasures create beautiful jewellery made in Israel from Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. Ranging from earrings, nose rings, and tragus rings, to bracelets, necklaces and ear cuffs. Custom designs can also be made within reason. Here is another Etsy site they own:

“For as long as I remember I love working with my hands and creating beautiful things, especially jewellery. I studied the art of jewellery design for 3 years and I have been creating jewellery for over 25 years.I enjoy creating and working with different materials. I integrate in my work genuine stones, pearls, crystals, dichroic glass and glass beads. I love to create high quality jewellery that is unique, elegant, functional and wearable at affordable prices, and I love seeing people wearing my creations.” Holylands Treasures

Here are some of my favourite pieces.





Source for all 4 photos: Holylands Treasures.

I like stacking lots of rings. So the above the knuckle rings are perfect, I own 3 of them in silver, gold and rose gold. I also own an ear cuff in silver. I like to shop in small boutiques, you get to buy something more unique, and every other person isn’t wearing it. My next stop for jewellery will be Marrakech!

For more unique jewellery made from all over the world see my post on Whitstable.


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What to pack for Reading and Leeds festival.

So Reading and Leeds is only a week away for the early birds.
Here are the key pieces I am taking and a few tips to help you out.

The most important part: A decent rucksack! I’m taking one for my clothing and toiletries and me and my boyfriend are sharing one for food and alcohol.

The rucksack is from Free People, they have a good selection.

Pack for all weathers

Wellies and a coat/waterproof are essential! Lets face it, you know what the weather in the UK is like. A scarf is good to wrap up warm in the evenings (you can also wear this one as a skirt or dress, it’s very versatile) and a dress is a very good space saver. Don’t forget to take a pair of trousers as well as shorts, you can never guarantee it’ll be hot, even if the sun is out. This top from Free People is also very versatile and I feel like magic in it! Ankle boots are good for hot weather, and protect your feet at the same time. To add that extra something i’m going to be stacking up my fingers full of rings.

The Wax jacket is vintage from a stall at Leeds festival last year. The circle scarf is from American Apparel, the dress is from Urban Outfitters by Sparkle and Fade, and my wellies are Hunters (The best kind of wellies).

The top is from Free People, boots, jeans and necklace are from Topshop.

The shorts are from Rokit vintage store in London., and the skirt is from Free People.

The small turquoise ring is from a small shop in Canterbury called Siesta, and the three midi rings are from Etsy Holylands Treasures create beautiful jewellery all from Silver, Gold and Rose Gold.

My double turquoise stone ring is from Free People.

Cosmetic essentials
Do not forget your suncream, I’ve been burnt many a time and have finally learnt from experience. A good eyelash curler and clear mascara can be used for a natural day time look, and clear mascara can also be used on your brows. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour protectant and The Green Balm by Moa are my favourite multi purpose products and can be used on anything from lips, to brows, and also medically for burns and bites.  A good concealer applied with a brush and sunglasses to hide those dark circles from the late nights partying. Surf spray to add texture to your hair when you want to spruce it up half way through the week. Clarins Flash Beauty Balm to brighten up your skin, and last but not least dry shampoo and a brush! It’s all about packing light, so multi purpose products are key.

For more tips read my blog post: Top Tips For UK Festivals 

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I absolutely adore ankle boots right now, they are so versatile and are one of my wardrobe staples.
Great for winter with thick tights and a skirt, great for summer with shorts and a kimono.

Here are some of my favourites at the moment.

My boots! Last season Topshop. I wear them to death!

My boots! Last season Topshop. I wear them to death!

Clarks Moonlit Cool boot £69.99 A nice alternative to black. Source:

Jeremy Campbell-Braken Ankle Boot £158 from Free People.


Jeremy Campbell-Deep V ankle boot £128 from Free People, great for a night out. Source:$browse-lt$

The celebrities that I think best pull of this look are HAIM, they have amazing style and always seem to be in them.

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Some people have the stereotypical view of tattoos but the way I see it is if it’s designed beautifully and tattooed by a professional with a good portfolio they can be tasteful.

On women, I really like small tattoos, sometimes discreet or on show if they’re small.

My first tattoo was a very small daisy on my wrist. (About the size of a ten pence piece) I chose this because I thought it looked small, pretty and feminine.
I also have the word Wanderlust (A spur of the moment thing, I really want to travel the world. This seemed relevant) written on my ankle and a very small star (which reminds me of my relationship with my mother, she used to read me a book when I was young which involves a star.) on my ribs.

Tattoos at the end of the day are just ink on our skin, yes they are usually there forever, but In the perspective of things we are alive a very short amount of time, and may as well live in the moment, to a certain extent.

Here is some tattoo inspiration.

Source: Free People blog 25 http-// tattoo

Source: Free People blog 25
http-// tattoo

Do you have any? Please comment/link to a picture bellow.

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My day in London

I took a trip up to Central London on Friday.
First I visited Harvey Nichols, whilst looking through some luxurious clothing, I found a french RTW brand called Maje. Some of their clothes are beautiful, very feminine, and classy and are made out of such light soft fabrics. They remind me of the brand Chloe (but are slightly less expensive) and the brand Acne.
Maje was founded in 1998 and is relatively new compared to other luxury brands.

Maje in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge.

Maje in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge.


Me and my friend went for lunch in Lincoln’s Inn fields. It was a lovely day and was full of people having picnics.

My friend Becky.

My friend Becky.

Lincoln Fields Inn

Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Free People at Selfridges

I went to Selfridges to visit the Free People pop up shop. I absolutely love Free People, but I have to admit the selection of garments there wasn’t the best, and they had hardly any spare sizes in back stock. Maybe it was just the wrong time to go, and besides they’re only there till the 28th July. I really hope the pop up shop has been successful and they decide to open up a few UK stores, where they will have more selection (fingers crossed!)

Here are a couple of stylish girls I stopped today on my walk down oxford street, and Carnaby street.

Luca wears a top and sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, a skirt she bought in a charity shop, boots from Topshop, and her bag and jewellery are from Morocco markets.

Luca wears a top and sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, a skirt she bought in a charity shop, boots from Topshop, and her bag and jewellery are from Morocco markets. It’s nice that her outfit is from a range of brands/stores. I really love her skirt that she bought from a charity shop, the colours in the skirt really stand out against the top.

Ruby wears a top and jeans from Diesel and boots from Office.

Ruby wears a top and jeans from Diesel and boots from Office. Even though the colours of all her clothes are dark, because she is wearing different textures they go together well. The print and the studs on the boots really make the look.

London is a lovely city, with so much to do. I always enjoy myself when I’m there, my favorite thing to do is to sit in a cafe and people watch. You get such a variety of people with different styles.
Regardless of your budget there is plenty to do.


The brand I cannot stop wearing: Free People

Free People is a beautiful brand. They only currently have boutiques in America (We need one here in England!)
However they do ship to the UK via their online shop, and there is a pop up shop in Selfridges till July 28th.

Their designs are so individual, very bohemian, feminine and floaty.

“a 26-year-old girl, smart, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic. A girl who likes to keep busy and push life to its limits, with travelling and hanging out and everything in between. Today we draw, design, sew and buy for her.” Free People.

This is their June E-catalogue – Washed Ashore, one of my favourites.

Source: Free People

Source: Free People, Click on the link for the modern dread hair tutorial.

Their “We are the free circle in the sand tee” is a wardrobe staple for me, it can be paired with jeans, a skirt, or shorts and is very versatile.
I also cannot stop wearing their “Tie dye wrap scrunch skirt” (Pictured in the second photograph) it can be worn on a night out with black studded boots or heels, or on a sunny day at the beach with a vest top and sandles.