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Discovering Kirsten Goss

Whilst walking around London last week, I discovered a jewellery brand: Kirsten Goss.

Kirsten is a qualified jewellery designer and gemmologist. She launched in 2002 and is largely known more in South Africa, where her studio and workshop is, along with her other 2 stores. She has one store in Kensington, London.
Kirsten creates very unique pieces that are beautifully hand crafted in her Durban studio. Some of my favourites are the geometric pieces in her Urban Edge collection and the beautiful silver and gold necklaces and earrings containing semi-precious stones in the Bete Noir collection. The Lifesaver is a brilliant idea for anyone looking to create their own one off piece. You pick the chain, the hand-cut pendant and the semi-precious stone.

“Kirsten is inexhaustible in her passion for experimenting with metalsmithing techniques, stone cutting and inspirational combinations of the two.”

urban edge




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