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A city called…Amsterdam

In March this year I visited the lively city of Amsterdam. There is lots to do and lots to explore! It’s a very pretty city with a lot of culture. Amsterdam is a relatively cheap stay in a hostel, flights are reasonably cheap too.

Of course if you go and visit as a couple, Amsterdam is a fun, romantic city. However for my first visit I travelled with my boyfriend and our two friends, as I wanted to experience the party atmosphere. Despite not going to a club or bar, (Though I’ve heard that Paradiso and Melkwegg are quite good) we visited a lot of coffee shops, which let’s just say, was a lot of fun and giggles! Four days was not long enough, however we ticked off most of the things that we wanted to see and do. I shall definitely be visiting again, as there are still things I want to do and investigate in the city.

What to do:

Get lost exploring the city and its many canals.

Go and visit the Anne Frank Museum. Ok so it’s not the most cheerful of things, however it’s very interesting and goes into detail about the horrific experience Anne and her family went through. A MUST SEE!

Bike ride through the city and into the outskirts. Don’t forget to cycle out to the windmills, and tulip farms. It was a bitter – 6°C when I visited, so unfortunately this didn’t happen.

Go and visit The Bulldog Palace Coffee shop, it is quirky in the fact that it used to be a police station and still has its jail cell.

Cycle to the Vondelpark and go for a picnic.

For an “out of this world experience”, visit a smart shop.

If you have never been to any Hard Rock Cafe go whilst in Amsterdam! The gourmet burgers are amazing, and don’t forget to try some of Amsterdams’ famous chips and mayonnaise.

Go and visit The Dolphins, an alternative coffee shop with comfy sofas and a colourful under the sea setting.

Visit the Rijks Museum. Full of Dutch history and beautiful paintings by artists such as Rembrandt. Also visit the Van Gogh Museum (Another place we didn’t get chance to visit).

Have a picture take by the I amsterdam sign.

Take a peek at the Red Light District. Go and visit the notorious destination at night and see it in full swing.

For more information on the city see, and make sure you check out hostels, restaurants and coffee shops on Trip Advisor before you go.

Amsterdam is a ‘mind opening’ experience full of lots of fun.


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