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Camping under the stars

So this past weekend I ventured out to the countryside with 6 of my friends, an hour and a half away from home to a village called Ockley in Surrey.
We stayed at a little campsite called Etherley Farm, which is situated near Leith hill. We arrived on the Friday night after work, set up camp, went out to buy some drinks and food, and had ourselves a little party.
On the Saturday  (after waking up early and many of us suffering from the few drinks on the night before) we cooked breakfast on the camp fire (Chicken, Turkey, All day breakfast in a can, that kind of thing, anything we could bbq). We then set off walking up towards Leith hill and into the woods.

I love camping. My favourite thing to do is roast marshmallows on the campfire, they are a very tasty treat! Camping in the countryside makes me appreciate nature and our surroundings. As you can imagine the scenery is very beautiful around there, and I love to stargaze but unfortunately the ground was too wet to lie down.  It is also nice to be without technology for a few days. I find it very reflective and relaxing.

For dinner that night we walked down the road to a little country pub called The Parrot. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than chilling out with your friends with a Pimms in hand! There isn’t much choice for food, the food they do serve is expensive, but worth it.

image 4

On the Sunday we were due to leave around 1 a clock, unfortunately due to the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey classic, this didn’t happen as the roads were closed from 6 am to 6pm.
We walked down from the campsite and went to a small pub called The Inn On The Green, had some lunch and then chilled out watching the bikes go by.

image 3

It was a lovely, relaxing, tranquil weekend.

Where is your favourite place to camp?


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