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A place called…Whitstable

Whitstable is a beautiful seaside town in south-east Kent. In the week it is  very quiet and quaint. However yesterday unbeknownst me and my friends it was the Whitstable Oyster Festival and a lovely day (even though we were forecast thunder and lightning all day). 

Whitstable Oyster Festival.
The festival is set on the harbour; food, and drink stalls line the streets and a small stage is situated in the middle.
There is a variety of food from beef, kangaroo and ostrich burgers to curry, seafood paella, locally caught fish and locally produced cider. There are also a few fine art and craft stalls, that are in Whitstables’ Harbour Village and are open every weekend and bank holiday.




Places to eat.

There are some lovely pubs, cafes and restaurants in the town. Situated right on the beach is a pub called The Old Neptune, it’s a perfect location for a day out. Naturally, me and my friend tried Oysters (which I will not be trying again, they are certainly an acquired taste) at Wheelers Oyster Bar, the oldest restaurant in town, and a very pretty building.  In town, What’s Up Cup Cake make cakes to die for!


There are a few vintage and handmade boutiques in the town. One of my favourites is Mosaic. They sell lots of beautiful jewellery, handmade by the shop owner and also by artists around the world.
They also sell a small amount of clothing, home accessories and ornaments. I love to find small boutiques that sell handmade/ one-off pieces, it’s nice to own something different to everyone else.


The Seaside.

Just a little bit further out-of-town is Tankerton. My grandparents used to take me here for a walk and an ice cream when I was little, it’s one of my favourite beaches to go for a walk and is very picturesque. There are beach houses down by the sea which are very pretty.


Lastly here is something I saw on the side of a building that I thought was interesting. There are signs like this hidden all through the town.



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