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Some people have the stereotypical view of tattoos but the way I see it is if it’s designed beautifully and tattooed by a professional with a good portfolio they can be tasteful.

On women, I really like small tattoos, sometimes discreet or on show if they’re small.

My first tattoo was a very small daisy on my wrist. (About the size of a ten pence piece) I chose this because I thought it looked small, pretty and feminine.
I also have the word Wanderlust (A spur of the moment thing, I really want to travel the world. This seemed relevant) written on my ankle and a very small star (which reminds me of my relationship with my mother, she used to read me a book when I was young which involves a star.) on my ribs.

Tattoos at the end of the day are just ink on our skin, yes they are usually there forever, but In the perspective of things we are alive a very short amount of time, and may as well live in the moment, to a certain extent.

Here is some tattoo inspiration.

Source: Free People blog 25 http-// tattoo

Source: Free People blog 25
http-// tattoo

Do you have any? Please comment/link to a picture bellow.


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