Top Tips For UK Festivals.

I love festivals, the camping, the campfire, people watching, general lazing around in your tent with friends, the dancing and most of all the acts.
I’m off to Reading Festival this year, I’ve attended the past 3 years. (Last year I went to Leeds instead though!)

The Festivals that are on my bucket list are:
1. Glastonbury, Worthy Farm, UK.
Supposedly the best festival in the world, definitely a more family, fun, hippy, vibe. 

2. The Secret Garden Party, Cambridge, UK.
A festival but on drugs. Fancy dress, the infamous paint fight, mild nudity, creative workshops, and fun and games.

Source: http-:2012.photos.secretgardenparty.com:view:?image_keywords=Highlights+2012&page=1  Photography by Danny North.

Source: http-:2012.photos.secretgardenparty.com:view:?image_keywords=Highlights+2012&page=1
Photography by Danny North.

3. SWSX, Austin, Texas, USA.
Up and coming acts such as HAIM, held across various places in Austin.

4. Coachella, Indio, California, USA.
Fun in the sun

5. Lounge On the Farm, Canterbury, UK.
A festival close to home, and it get’s bigger and bigger every year!

As we are in the middle of the festival season, here are some tips to help you and your friends have the best possible time, whatever festival your going to.

1. Make sure you’re prepared for all weathers.
Let’s face it, it usually rains at festivals in the UK…a lot.
We don’t seem to have a summer here either so make sure you take warm and waterproof clothing as well as your hot pants and dresses that you’d expect to wear at a festival. (Trust me I’ve learnt from my past experiences!)

2. Don’t waste time in the showers.
It sounds disgusting, but queues for the showers can be massive and that time can be spent seeing acts, or hanging out around the camp-fire with friends.
Take baby wipes, dry shampoo, and hair ties instead. You’ll be surprised that your hair doesn’t actually look that bad and besides everyone is in the same situation.

3. Less is more.
Taking the whole of your make up bag is just going to weigh your backpack down. Take mascara and 1 or 2 multi purpose products. Don’t forget sunscreen! 

4. Take a head-piece or do something colourful and fun with your hair.
A scarf is multi-purpose, tie it round your head or use it to warm up in the evenings,
Hair chalk is also a fun way to add colour, it also brushes out so no need for a shower!

5. Keep hydrated, and exercise.
Dancing is exercise…right?


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