A small city called Canterbury.

I love spending the weekends in Canterbury.

Canterbury is a beautiful city in Kent. I’ve spent most of my free time here for the past 3 years, since I met my boyfriend, as he goes to the University of Kent.
Here are a few things to do in this wonderful city.

1. Go to Bramleys and then Ballroom after.
You walk into Bramleys at 7 o’clock on a Friday night, it’s like you’ve gone back to the 20’s, beautiful vintage couches and tables, a ceiling covered with what looks like a massive parachute, singer sewing machines to decorate and even a grand piano and an organ. Gorgeous cocktails, especially Bramble and Raspberry Mojitos which are a concoction of alcohol, and plants. 

Raspberry Mojitos!

Raspberry Mojitos!



Right next door is Ballroom, more quirky, upbeat and cool. Avant guard tables, stools, and arm chairs, a wall covered in mirrors, a statement skull wall paper wall, a bath, and what looks like a church pulpit where the Dj plays. Again be sure to check out their cocktails, especially the Hendricks Prohibition Punch which comes in a teapot with 4 tea cups.  

Hendricks Prohibition Punch!

Hendricks Prohibition Punch!

2. Go for a walk by the Westgate towers, down by the river.
It’s very beautiful down there and is a perfect place for a picnic in the sun.

3.Walk around the cathedral and it’s grounds. A historic and beautiful building with lovely grounds.

Canterbury Cathedral. Photo taken by Lauren Findler

Canterbury Cathedral.
Photo taken by Lauren Findler

4. Go to the seaside and visit Whitstable, six miles down the road.
Whitstable is the most beautiful seaside town in Kent. Go and have afternoon tea, look around the small quirky boutiques, sit and eat welks by the fish market, or go for a walk along the sea front with fish and chips.

5. A good place to eat is The Picturehouse, an old cinema who serve gourmet food, and also english afternoon tea with champers. It turns into a bar at the weekend of an evening.

The Parrot is also a lovely place to eat, with generous portions. It’s a beautiful old building, and has a lovely beer garden. It used to be the home of a parrot, but is no longer there anymore.


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